Christian Communication an Instrument for building Christian Communion

Prof. Rev. Dr. Samuel Meshack
Chairperson, WACC-Asia
Secretary, WACC-Global

The advent of instantaneous global communications, promoted by the convergence of computer, telecommunications and broadcasting, has created an information flood that is changing the political, economic, cultural and social structures of the world. The information and communication technology enable instant, inexpensive, and clear communication almost anywhere in the world, making borders and distances increasingly irrelevant. William Melody (1995) analysing the power of the Communication and Information Technology says that, the functioning of any society depends upon information and it has become the world’s most valuable commodity and it is the power which could shower blessings of knowledge, social and economic progress, or it could be manipulated to enslave people. Information knows no boundary nor morality. Unfortunately the means of communication has been mistaken to the communication per see. In other words the means of communication is given a prominent place rather than the content of our Communication. In this presentation, I would like to try to make this distinction clear by giving the meaning and functions of communication, the basic theological position comprising of the principles of Christian communication and its characteristics for the mission of God that could enable us to see the significance of communication in our efforts towards building a communication policy that could foster and strengthen ‘communion’ among member churches for a meaningful witness as ‘salt’ and ‘light’ of the world.Read More

Komunikasi Untuk Semua

Prinsip-prinsip Kristen di bidang komunikasi

Komunikasi berperan penting dalam membangun komunikasi, keamanan dan identitas sekaligus mempromosikan keadilan, saling bertanggungjawab dan transparansi. Komunikasi penting untuk kebaikan bersama. Read More